"When I write stories I am like someone who is in her own country, walking along streets that she has known since she was a child, between walls and trees that are hers." --Natalia Ginsburg

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Life is Good......

So nothing startling or deep today folks, just a weekend spent doing some of my favorite things--All good and all part of the little things that make my Deliberate Life shine....

I have really enjoyed the Spring like weather the last few days. I got to sit in the sun and read while the babies slept one afternoon. The windows were flung wide to let the fresh air in during the day and the fire lit morning and night just long enough to take the chill away. As I write this I look past the bouquet of pink tulips on my windowsill and see that there are at least a dozen robins on my lawn.

I enjoyed the weekend immensely. I spent some time alone doing some cleaning and rearranging, hanging some new pictures--(while listening to Jimmy Rankins' new CD, Forget About the World--love the Rankins). After working as a live-in Nanny for perpetuity, I have enjoyed living in my own space the last three years. My oldest brother shares the family home with me while he finishes renovating an old farmhouse. I have started packing a bit of his stuff--hope I am being subtle--(smile).

I was also blessed to spend time around my kitchen table with two of my dearest friends. My friend Jane is a nurse and works in Northern Canada for weeks at a time. On Saturday we had a late supper and laughed and talked--about everything and nothing. After church today my cousin Cheryl and I prepared lunch in my kitchen in comfortable chatter. She has been my friend and fellow troublemaker since earliest memories. I love having their feet under my table and hands wrapped around big mugs of coffee, as we reminisce and make new memories.

This afternoon I wrote a bit and started re-reading Steve Berrys' novel--The Romanov Prophecy-- fast-paced and lots of history.

I am working on some writing--contemplating the subject and subjectivity of joy and the blessings of life. When I can wrap my head around it all, I will come and share--thanks for dropping by,


  1. When we distressed and discouraged our dearest family and friends are always stand by our side. When we made a mistake our dearest family and friends are always teaching and reminding us. When we want to share of the happiness our dearest family and friends are always open the arms.Our dearest family and frineds are always in there..........when we need.Cherished the time with dearest family and friends.Love you, my dearest sister........